Our Story

Inner Gleaux Beauty - The Hue That Fits You

Inner Gleaux (Glow) Beauty formerly known as Indigeaux Beauty is a cosmetic line that is designed to assist consumers with bringing out their inner gleaux (glow). We are here to provide quality products for a vast variety of customers; from the newbie who is just learning to the professional who has mastered their craft.

It is is our mission to uplift, encourage and inspire the over-whelmed women like ourselves that are searching for peace and healing. We understand that most of us wear different hats day to day but we also know and understand how crucial and imperative it is for those same women to be able to achieve tranquility in a world of chaos so that we can be our greatest selves for not only those around us that rely on us but for ourselves.

​"The Hue That Fits You" means that with all of the different shades you can decide the best fit for you. It doesn't just stop at make-up, but with anything in life; do what makes you happy; do what makes your soul gleaux from within outward. 

Inner Gleaux Beauty is all about self-love, self-awareness and growth. Allow us to accompany you on your journey to manifest the make-up of your inner peace that you can display on your own personal canvas for the world to see. Let it geaux so that you can gleaux.