Ebony is an entrepreneur originally from Lake Providence, Louisiana ​who was raised in Houston, Texas. She is a poet and author who has a niche for interior design and decorating. Ebony currently owns and completely runs three different businesses by herself. Her first business venture started Mothers of Unborn Angels as a support group for women that have had miscarriages because she too has had four miscarriages before giving birth to her first and only child Khloe.


Mothers of Unborn Angels allows Ebony to pour into other broken-hearted women and men that have lost a child/children to help them on their journey to healing. Ebony offers the bereaved parents memorabilia items to remember their precious babies. Mothers of Unborn Angels currently has two private groups on Facebook which are for those trying to conceive after a loss and those wanting to share more private thoughts and feelings to obtain support within the group from other members. She is currently writing a bereavement journal for the women of Mothers of Unborn Angels.​

Ebony also owns a cleaning business named Squeaky Bee. She and her immediate family provide professional cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in and around the city of Houston. They assist clients with move-in/out cleanings as well as remodeling before and after cleaning.

Lastly, Ebony runs her cosmetic line Inner Gleaux Beauty; formerly known as Indigeaux Beauty is where she personally creates skincare products for both men and women while also offering essential cosmetic products like eyeshadow all the way to lipstick. Her goal with Inner Gleaux Beauty is to help consumers find their inner gleaux and help them heal by sharing with them tips on self-care, self-love, and self-healing.

The Hue That Fits You is everything that Ebony embodies. In Life, you have to do what's best for you regardless of how it may look to others; you have to always be true to yourself. What may work for Erica doesn't work for Ebony, and that's okay!