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The Gleaux Kit

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H20 Gel Toner

Allow me to introduce the Gleaux Kit! This is a kit designed to assist with clearing up troubled skin and providing you with the ultimate glowing skin you deserve.


Included is our best seller Ebony Gleaux which is a Black African Soap with Turmeric foaming face wash that comes with the exfoliating head to assist with getting into the pores to remove impurities. 


The Reauxs Gleaux face oil that hydrates the skin as well as help even out the skin tone.


The Faded Turmeric Clay Mask which is great for ridding the face of acne, hyperpigmentation and so much more. It also comes with a mask brush to apply the Faded mask that is reusable.


This kit is guaranteed to get your skin smooth and glowing. 


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